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    SubjectRe: Linux not shutting down all devices? Battery drain in after shutdown
    On Thu 2009-09-17 14:24:51, Norbert Preining wrote:
    > Dear all,
    > I have a very strange problem with my Sony VAIO Z11 laptop. When I turn
    > it off in Linux it still drains battery, and quite a lot indeed, several
    > percent per hour.
    > Interestingly, when shutting down from Windows XP the same doesn't happen,
    > after 10 hours of off time starting from 100% charge after rebooting I have
    > still 98.8%, so that is fine (counting that booting costs some energy).
    > This is in fact also a problem for many other users using Windows, too,
    > see [1]. I have checked that on Windows all devices are set up so that
    > at shutdown and hibernation (S4 and S5) they are going to off state (D3).
    > The only thing I can imagine is that one of the devices not completely
    > of not at all supported by the kernel is not properly shut down.
    > AFAIS the only device which I have not running here is the fingerprint
    > scanner.
    > My questions are:
    > - is there a way and if how to check that all devices will get properly
    > shut down on halt?
    > - is there any other reason the battery drain might happen?
    > Some details about the laptop:
    > - it has a dual graphic card (Intel and nVidia), the sony-laptop module
    > (extended for the zseries, see [2], with adaption to 2.6.31 by me [3]),
    > or the stock kernel sony-laptop plus the nvidia-control module
    > (by Matthew Garret [4]) can be used to turn the nvidia card of on a
    > running system so that it does not draw any energy
    > - lspci -vvv output is attached as lspci.txt
    > - software running is Debian/sid with kernel 2.6.31

    On PC, keyboard driver is expected to shut down the machine; I'd try
    complaining to Sony, perhaps they have newer bios.

    (cesky, pictures)

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