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SubjectRe: iwlwifi (4965) regression since 2.6.30
On Fri, 07 Aug 2009, Lukas Hejtmanek wrote:
> 0x0004 = 238 # KEY_WLAN

This means any rfkill input handler (be it in kernel or userspace) will
toggle your WLAN cards when fn+f5 is pressed. You can just assign a
different keycode to it (use KEY_RESERVED or KEY_UNKNOWN if you don't want
the key to do anything).

If you unmask the key on hotkey_mask, it will revert to BIOS actions, which
depending on the thinkpad, might cause it to operate on bluetooth, wwan,

> 0x0007 = 192 # KEY_F22
> 0x0008 = 194 # KEY_F24

Hmm? What does that do in your distro? That's fn+f8 and fn+f9, BTW.

> 0x0011 = 228 # KEY_KBDILLUMTOGGLE

Didn't know this one existed! Heh. Still, it should not be enabled in
thinkpad-acpi, the thinkpad will react to it by itself, and the input layer
is not to be used for status reports...

> well, at least, I would like behavior where Fn+F5 does not do rfkill silently
> (I guess in kernel?). I would prefer an event or just a key code. This is not
> possible any more?


Disable CONFIG_RFKILL_INPUT, then. Otherwise, the kernel WILL react to any
of the keycodes it knows about. And also to the radio-kill switch (in more
ways than the strictly enforced by the firmware and thinkpad-acpi, that is).

I think you should add a HAL .fdi file to your system to reprogram fn+f5 to
something else: this is likely the best way to go about it in the long run,
as I bet userspace will start grokking rfkill input events really soon

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