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SubjectRe: linux-arm-kernel useless for development (was Re: Your message to Linux-arm-kernel awaits moderator approval)
On 08/06/2009 07:03 PM, Russell King wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 06, 2009 at 06:02:10AM -0700, Joe Perches wrote:
>> On Thu, 2009-08-06 at 13:40 +0100, Russell King wrote:
>>> And no, moving the list outside the EU domain doesn't relieve any
>>> of the lawful issues unless (as I understand the law) someone outside
>>> the EU were to run the list. And people would have to independently
>>> subscribe to it - I wouldn't be able to export the existing subscriber
>>> list outside the EU.
>> I suspect a vger based ARM list would not require you to "run" it.
>> Perhaps you overestimate the value of the arm subscriber database
>> as well as the work involved to subscribe to a list.
>> Adding a "click this to subscribe to the new list" to the mailing
>> list trailer would work reasonably well.
> There is already a vger based ARM list. I see no signs of people
> moving over to it. I summise that is because most people don't
> have a problem, and most people are happy with the existing lists
> as they stand. Could it be that it's only a minority who are
> having issues. I don't know.
> I also believe that majordomo is still stuck in the dark ages wrt
> subscribing - having to have a carefully composed email message to
> subscribe or unsubscribe. Having mailman's web interface took a
> lot of work off of my shoulders when we moved the ARM lists off
> of all those years back having to educate people
> how to deal with majordomo.

That may be true, but the key point here is that the majordomo list is open.
Which means that say if I am an admin and I happen to notice a bug, I can send
an email to lkml knowing that someone more knowledgeable will be able to pick it up.
If on the other hand I have to subscribe to the list and then my mail has to be
moderator approved (which might take a few days considering the moderator's
workload), I'm more likely to just let it slip and hope that it gets fixed in
the next release...

> Let's not forget - as Pavel has yet again proven - if you have a
> problem with a mailing list, who do you talk to. All the list
> admins? Of course not! You email rmk and/or mailing lists
> directly.
>>> Now, people here can tell me I'm wrong, but they aren't in the legal
>>> profession... Would you get a gardener to fix your gas boiler, or
>>> would you get a qualified and registered gas engineer in?
>> Perhaps not using the gas boiler is another option.
> Maybe we should all go back to using coal fires then. Oops, we moved
> away from that to cleaner burning gas because of the smog problems
> caused by burning dirty fuels.


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