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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL] notification tree - fsnotify assumes incorrectly positive parent dentry

> Hmm. It does sound like a reasonable assumption, though. Maybe spufs
> should be fixed to have an inode for all directories?

We have inodes for all directories, it's just the order which we set
things up. When a new 'spu context' (ie, a directory with a bunch of
files) is created, we add the parent dentry, populate it with files
(positive dentries), then instantiate the parent.

There's no specific need to do it in this order, it just makes the code
a little simpler - we just 'stitch the parent in' once everything else
has completed successfully, so less stuff to do in the error path.

> A NULL d_inode means that something is a negative dentry, and a
> negative dentry shouldn't have children.

OK. If this is a general invariant, then I'll get a change to spufs
going to do the setup in the right order.



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