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SubjectRe: HTC Dream aka. t-mobile g1 support
Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:
> I still operate with email in a way
> which means if I don't deal with something as soon as I see it, it gets
> filed away and almost never looked at again - even if I re-mark the
> message as 'New'. That means if it's inconvenient to apply a patch
> (because the machine with the git trees on is powered down) then the
> patch tends to get lost.

Same here. Can't keep up, never enough time to go back through old
'New' mails.

> But hey, if you want me to drop lots of patches, then sure just send
> them by email. Just expect to nag me a lot more about applying your
> patch.

Thanks for mentioning this. With the huge number of patches sent to
the mailing list these days, I was getting the impression sending to
the list was the thing to do.

-- Jamie

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