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    SubjectRe: [dm-devel] Barriers still not passing on simple dm devices...
    On Sun, Apr 5, 2009 at 7:54 AM, Ric Wheeler <> wrote:
    > One thing to point out here is that there are a lot of "servers" in high end
    > data centers that do not have UPS backup. Those racks full of 1U and 2U
    > boxes that are used to make "grids", "clouds" and so on often are built with
    > as much gear as you can stuff in a rack - no batteries or UPS to be seen, so
    > they are really quite similar to the normal desktop or home systems that we
    > normally run at home :-)

    These days even bargain basement data centers provide UPS functionality for
    you, via generator backup and A/B power.


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