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SubjectRe: USB storage no-boot regression (bisected)
Greg KH wrote:
> ..
> The issue is that you were just lucky that your machine worked properly
> previously. My boxes with the same type of setup didn't, so I quickly
> realized what the root delay boot option was for. You need to just do
> the same thing here, there's nothing else we can do.

Bad excuse.

SATA drives also take variable amounts of time to "show up" at boot.
Perhaps Jeff should customize libata for your and Arjan's exact setups,
just to help with understanding the point here. :)

The speed ups are fine (and welcome), but we really now need
Arjan to follow-up with a patch to have the kernel *by default*
wait a little longer for the rootfs to show up.

Not forever, just a few seconds to compensate for the regression.

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