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SubjectRe: USB storage no-boot regression (bisected)
On Wed, 15 Apr 2009, Alan Cox wrote:

> Why should every user suffer a slower boot and a poorer resume time ?
> Instead make the root fs mounting look like this
> while(my_rootfs_hasnt_appeared_and_i_am_sad()) {
> wait_on(&new_disk_discovery);
> }
> and poke the queue whenever we add a relevant device.
> That way if you are booting off an initrd you can finish the SATA probe
> in parallel to getting userspace ticking over.
> On what is nowdays essentially a hot plug system it all needs turning
> this way up - eg RAID volumes should assemble and come online as the
> drives are discovered not at some fixed point later in userspace.

Indeed, something like this should also be used for
resume-from-hibernation, to wait for the swap device.

Alan Stern

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