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SubjectRe: mcp55 forcedeth woes
Yan Seiner wrote:
> There is a newer bios, 1702, that may address these issues - at least teh
> writeup for the 17xx bios for the m2n32 talks about a network lockup fix.
> I haven't tried yet. These are the most stable boards I've found; one of
> mine runs 6 SATA drives locally, 9 via eSATA, 2 dual DVI video cards, and
> 2 15K scsi drives, all without a hitch. It never glitches - except for
> the d*mn network, this board is a piece of perfection.
For the M2N-SLI-Deluxe I found only 1701 which causes oops when booting
any kernel on 64X2 6000 and for the M2N32-SLI 2205 which I haven't tried
so far.

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