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Subject[v3 PATCH 0/2] Correct AMD8111 EDAC drivers

Hi Doug and Andrew,

This the latest v3 patches for EDAC AMD8111 driver. I have integrated two minor changes in amd8111_edac.[ch] respectively, and all the rest 5 patches in v2 series just remain the same.

In amd8111_edac.h, I have removed the const qualifier from amd8111_dev_info.ctl_name, to eliminate a gcc warning about discarding qualifier; in amd8111_edac.c, I have replaced the including of <linux/io.h> with <asm/io.h>, because on powerpc, __do_inb() and __do_outb() are actually defined nowhere but "arch/powerpc/include/asm", despite this would incur a warning from

Best regards,


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