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    SubjectRe: [RFC] [PATCH] In-kernel gdbstub based on utrace Infrastructure.

    * Frank Ch. Eigler <> wrote:

    > > [...]
    > >
    > > If the in-kernel gdb stub replaced kgdb functionally you'd hear no
    > > complaints from me.
    > Let's leave it as an idea for the future.

    We came a full circle - that's the argument. We say overlap, duplication
    and incomplete implementation in this area is a problem. Since the speed
    of development in this area is truly glacial at the moment and the
    practical advantages that i can experience personally (directly as a
    Linux user and indirectly as a maintainer) are miniscule so far, caution
    is warranted IMO. You say there is no problem. We'll have to agree to
    disagree i guess.


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