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SubjectRe: [RFC] [PATCH] In-kernel gdbstub based on utrace Infrastructure.

Ingo Molnar <> writes:

> [...] Since the speed of development in this area is truly glacial
> at the moment and the practical advantages that i can experience
> personally (directly as a Linux user and indirectly as a maintainer)
> are miniscule so far, caution is warranted IMO. [...]

If the "caution" you suggest is operationally equivalent to
discouraging even miniscule improvements, is it any wonder that
progress is glacial?

The gdbstub prototype was constructed for two reasons: to demonstrate
utrace usage now, and in the future to be incrementally useful (over
ptrace, by moving into fast kernel-space operations like
multithreading control, gdb-tracepoint support, other stuff). #1 is
about done. With respect to #2, we can certainly commit to ongoing
work on improvements, provided the community shows interest and

- FChE

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