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Subject[PATCH v3 00/27] writable limits

I broke the threading to not mess up with the long thread.

In this version I got rid of the rlim access_only ugliness.

There are two things:
<quote from=Ingo>
A prominent example would be the stack limit - we base address layout
decisions on it. Check arch/x86/mm/mmap.c. RLIM_INFINITY has a special
meaning plus we also set mmap_base() based on the rlim.
Should there be some special handling of that? In standard setrlimit
there is none.

<quote from=Oleg>
Hmm. you are right. Do you know why acct_file_reopen() does
if (old_acct)
As I expressed myself before, I don't know why it is there (it doesn't
make sense to me either). But I took a look at when it was added. From
the very first merge of acct.c (2.1.68pre1) it was just in (name ==
NULL) path (turning acct off). Then in 2.1.126 it was switched to
account on every accounting file change.

I fear if we changed this, something would break.


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