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    Subject[PATCH 0/12] memcg updates v5
    Hi, I updated the stack and reflected comments.
    Against the latest mmotm. (rc7-mm1)

    Major changes from previous one is
    - page_cgroup allocation/lookup manner is changed.
    - force_empty is totally rewritten. and a problem that "force_empty takes long time"
    in previous version is fixed (I think...)
    - reordered patches.
    - first half are easy ones.
    - second half are big ones.

    I'm still testing with full debug option. No problem found yet.
    (I'm afraid of race condition which have not been caught yet.)

    [1/12] avoid accounting special mappings not on LRU. (fix)
    [2/12] move charege() call to swapped-in page under lock_page() (clean up)
    [3/12] make root cgroup to be unlimited. (change semantics.)
    [4/12] make page->mapping NULL before calling uncharge (clean up)
    [5/12] make page->flags to use atomic ops. (changes in infrastructure)
    [6/12] optimize stat. (clean up)
    [7/12] add support function for moving account. (new function)
    [8/12] rewrite force_empty to use move_account. (change semantics.)
    [9/12] allocate all page_cgroup at boot. (changes in infrastructure)
    [10/12] free page_cgroup from LRU in lazy way (optimize)
    [11/12] add page_cgroup to LRU in lazy way (optimize)
    [12/12] fix race at charging swap (fix by new logic.)

    *Any* comment is welcome.


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