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    SubjectRe: Kernel oops with 2.6.26, padlock and ipsec: probably problem with fpu state changes
    On Fri, Aug 08, 2008 at 04:11:21PM -0700, Suresh Siddha wrote:
    > With out the recent dynamic fpu allocation changes, while we don't see oops,
    > there is a possible race still present in older kernels(for example,
    > while kernel is using kernel_fpu_begin() in some optimized clear/copy
    > page and an interrupt/softirq happens which uses these padlock
    > instructions generating DNA fault).

    No this wasn't a problem because kernel_fpu_begin clears TS and
    therefore we don't get faults on SSE instructions.

    However, with your patch it will become a problem due to the
    fact that it wasn't designed to be nested.

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