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Subjectrefcount leak in pci_get_device()?
Hi Greg,

While playing around with my slot symlink stuff, I noticed that
the following sequence is problematic:

1. clean boot
2. modprobe acpiphp
3. echo 0 > /sys/bus/pci/slots/N/power
4. ???

After step 3, we *should* be seeing pci_release_dev() getting
called, but we never do because the refcount on the device is
still quite high (5 or 6, on my ia64 system).

I'm still trying to track this down, but I did notice, via code
inspection, at least one suspicious area:

#define for_each_pci_dev(d) while ((d = pci_get_device(PCI_ANY_ID, PCI_ANY_ID, d)) != NULL)

That eventually calls pci_get_dev_by_id(), which increases the
refcount on the device, but never decrements it.

Looks like that change in behavior happened here:

PCI: clean up search.c a lot

pci_get_device() used to decrement the refcount, but no longer

Thanks to Matthew Wilcox for helping me get this far...

Like I said, I'm still trying to track down my particular issue,
but I'd like to get your opinion on this.



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