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SubjectRe: [BISECTION RESULT] sched: revert cpu_clock to pre-27ec4407790d075c325e1f4da0a19c56953cce23 state
On 13.08.2008 [13:11:45 -0700], Luck, Tony wrote:
> > Well Peter's patch was tested-by me, so I know it fixes the problem on
> > the box I have access to, I'm verifying that -rc3 is ok.
> >
> > Tony, would you like me to test your patch in isolation (reverting
> > c1955a3d4762e7a9bf84035eb3c4886a900f0d15) to see if it also fixes it?
> It would be nice to know ... I expect that you'll see crazy numbers
> for the timestamps on the first few printk()s without Peter's fix (I
> did on my system).

Sorry for the delay.

Yes, your patch in isolation (having reverted Peter's
c1955a3d4762e7a9bf84035eb3c4886a900f0d15) allows this box to boot
2.6.27-rc3 with CONFIG_PRINTK_TIME=y. As you noted, I did see some
oddities in the printk timings, where the values would go up then back
down, but nothing further out of the ordinary.


P.S. Should I start a separate thread on the messages I mentioned
earlier (but only in passing)?

[ 32.593534] kernel unaligned access to 0xe000000644220466, ip=0xa000000100516fa1
[ 32.601171] kernel unaligned access to 0xe00000064422046e, ip=0xa000000100516fa1
[ 35.333273] kernel unaligned access to 0xe00000064451693e, ip=0xa000000100516fa1
[ 35.340912] kernel unaligned access to 0xe000000644516942, ip=0xa000000100516fa1
[ 35.348557] kernel unaligned access to 0xe000000644516946, ip=0xa000000100516fa1

Box seems fine even with those messages.

Nishanth Aravamudan <>
IBM Linux Technology Center

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