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SubjectRE: [BISECTION RESULT] sched: revert cpu_clock to pre-27ec4407790d075c325e1f4da0a19c56953cce23 state
> Yes, your patch in isolation (having reverted Peter's
> c1955a3d4762e7a9bf84035eb3c4886a900f0d15) allows this box to boot
> 2.6.27-rc3 with CONFIG_PRINTK_TIME=y. As you noted, I did see some
> oddities in the printk timings, where the values would go up then back
> down, but nothing further out of the ordinary.

Good. Thanks a lot for testing.

> P.S. Should I start a separate thread on the messages I mentioned
> earlier (but only in passing)?
> [ 32.593534] kernel unaligned access to 0xe000000644220466, ip=0xa000000100516fa1

Separate thread sounds like a good idea. You should decode the
ip=value to which routine was running. Look at to get
the routine name, or use "objdump -d" to disassamble your vmlinux
to find the exact instruction (but note that the kernel indicates
the instruction in the bundle with a low order digit of 0, 1, 2
whereas the objdump disassembly uses 0, 6, c).


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