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SubjectRE: Linux 2.6.26 edac errors and ASUS P5W DH Deluxe motherboard

--- Andy Chittenden <> wrote:

> If you could let me know what I need to put in /etc/edac/labels.db, that
> would be appreciated too.

This becomes a manual, one time, event, to discover the mapping of DIMMs to the silkscreen.

One command is the 'dmidecode' which is run as root and dumps the BIOS DMI Tables. Unfortunately,
many BIOSes do not correctly set these tables properly to the correct DIMM silk screen labels.
Because of this lack, EDAC and edac-utils was created to provide mechanism for end users.

If your system does provide correct DIMM Labels, you can create/correct the entry for your
motherboard in the database file for edac-utils.

If your system provides simple generic labels, then you will need to physically move DIMMs from
slot to slot and watching as the error "moves" with the DIMM. This will take a few iterations and
a state table.

Usually, a DIMM will have 2 Chip-Select Rows (csrow)

The first set of DIMMs form a 128-bit data path (called dual channel operation) and have csrows 0
and 1

The second set of DIMMs will have csrows 2 and 3.

Therefore, you need to examine which csrow and which channel the error is being reported in.

doug t


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