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SubjectRe: Additional kconfig targets (cloneconfig, nonint_oldconfig etc)
Hi Roman.

> The patch I've seen for the last point put it into conf.c, which is the wrong
> place for it. For this sort of thing we should create a small query tool,
> which then can export all sorts of information.
> If we silence the defconfig output (which IMO is a good thing, as I don't
> think anyone looked at the output seriously for a long time and the current
> behaviour has purely historical reasons), it would also open up the
> possibility to separate it from conf.c.

aconf is now ready to take care of defconfig, randconfig and all*config.
That leaves us with two simple tasks for conf.c:
config and oldconfig

[silentoldconfig is gone as oldconfig is 'silent' now].

aconf can take a base config for all the targets and avoids being
clever where to locate it. (Read: does not use DEFCONFIG_LIST).

I dunno if this is what you had in mind but I certainly like the result.
A cleaned up set of patches will soon hit the kbuild list.

> This also fits into an idea I'm playing with to extend the .config format like
> this:
> %defaultmode: mod
I understand the solution that you describe but I fail to see the
usefulness of it.
Can I request you to elaborate a bit more how you see it used.
I can give it a shot if I see it solving a real issue.

> Basically this could replace "make allmodconfig KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG=..." and the
> current way to produce an allmodconfig would be replaced by a dedicated
> function.
This part I did not understand either. I am aware of the current behaviour
but do not get the "dedicated function" thing.

Thanks in advance,


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