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    SubjectRe: [regression] e1000e broke e1000
    Matthew Wilcox wrote:
    > On Tue, Apr 08, 2008 at 04:12:29PM -0400, Dan Noe wrote:
    >> It would be nice if lspci could display what driver had claimed a
    >> particular device
    > You need to upgrade to a more recent version of lspci -- it already does
    > this ;-)

    Hah, thanks. That is useful and very new :) I built a newer lspci and
    I see it is now displayed with the -k option.

    > Maybe 'status' would be a better name than 'broken'. We could even
    > default it to 'unclaimed' then. Or 'driver_status' to avoid conflicting
    > with some bus that might have a 'status' bit we try to report through
    > sysfs.

    I agree however that the opportunity for more status would be good. And
    status is a better name than "broken". This way it is easy to scan all
    devices on the system via sysfs and easily visualize via lspci or some
    other tool:

    1) Unclaimed devices

    2) Devices that aren't working properly - and why (please something more
    than "This device is not working properly" :)

    3) Devices that are claimed and working properly


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