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SubjectISDN testing (was: [git patches] ISDN cleanups (modularization prep))
(Dropping private CCs.)

Jeff Garzik wrote:
> - "isn't ISDN dead?" Apparently, no it's not :)
> - "don't waste your time, drop these drivers and get mISDN into the
> kernel instead" -- based on discussion it does sound like mISDN should
> get into the kernel. Until these drivers are dropped, however, my
> patches remain appropriate.
> And in case people are curious, #isdn-pci isn't ready for upstream yet
> for two main reasons: (1) two drivers remain unconverted, and (2) none
> of the changes have been tested, even once.

I have three different ISDN cards. However, since I've had ADSL since about
3 years (on top of ISDN), I don't actually use it anymore.

I could be persuaded to do some testing though, or to donate some or all of
my cards for that purpose.

For testing I'd at least need somewhere to connect to, preferably in NL.
I have no idea if I could still connect to my previous provider using ISDN.
The account was transferred to a different provider about 2 years ago, but
the mail accounts with the old provider are still active.

The cards I have are:
- Teles 16.3 ISA -- worked way back when with Debian Woody
- ITK ix1-micro 2.1 ISA
- Eicon Diva 2.01 PCI

I also have a test box I can put them in :-)

Looks like I can still at least successfully load the hisax driver with
2.6.18 for the Teles card. For the last two I'm not sure if I ever had them
working with Linux (or even if I tried).


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