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SubjectRe: ISDN testing
Frans Pop wrote:
> (Dropping private CCs.)
> Jeff Garzik wrote:
>> - "isn't ISDN dead?" Apparently, no it's not :)
>> - "don't waste your time, drop these drivers and get mISDN into the
>> kernel instead" -- based on discussion it does sound like mISDN should
>> get into the kernel. Until these drivers are dropped, however, my
>> patches remain appropriate.
>> And in case people are curious, #isdn-pci isn't ready for upstream yet
>> for two main reasons: (1) two drivers remain unconverted, and (2) none
>> of the changes have been tested, even once.
> I have three different ISDN cards. However, since I've had ADSL since about
> 3 years (on top of ISDN), I don't actually use it anymore.
> I could be persuaded to do some testing though, or to donate some or all of
> my cards for that purpose.
> For testing I'd at least need somewhere to connect to, preferably in NL.
> I have no idea if I could still connect to my previous provider using ISDN.
> The account was transferred to a different provider about 2 years ago, but
> the mail accounts with the old provider are still active.
> The cards I have are:
> - Teles 16.3 ISA -- worked way back when with Debian Woody
> - ITK ix1-micro 2.1 ISA
> - Eicon Diva 2.01 PCI
> I also have a test box I can put them in :-)
> Looks like I can still at least successfully load the hisax driver with
> 2.6.18 for the Teles card. For the last two I'm not sure if I ever had them
> working with Linux (or even if I tried).

Honestly, a module-load test on real hardware can give us some useful
information, even if it's not connected to anything.

My changes are primarily in the probe-the-hardware area, so successfully
making it past that new code would indeed be a useful data point.

Check out the kernel found in 'isdn-pci' branch of

Any help is certainly appreciated!


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