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Subjectendless loop in native_flush_tlb_others in smp_64.c

ever since I moved to 2.6.25-rcY (Y should be between 2 and 5!).
I've seen several, but really hard-to-catch instant freezes on my
AMD64 Athlon X2 4200+ system...

Most of them happend in so at first I thought it had something to do
with the NVIDIA module... BUT, one time it froze "a way before" the module
could get loaded (and desynced my raid.......).

SYSRQ-P revealed that the CPU were looping inside:

smp_64.c native_flush_tlb_others:
assembler code:
< 1ee: f3 90 pause
< 1f0: f6 45 00 03 testb $0x3,0x0(%rbp)
< 1f4: 75 f8 jne 1ee <native_flush_tlb_others+0x5f>

also known as: (in C)

while (!cpus_empty(f->flush_cpumask))

So... has anyone a good idea what's happening here exactly? Or is there
already another topic or even a patch available?


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