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SubjectRe: Metadata in sys_sync_file_range and fadvise(DONTNEED)
On Sat, Nov 1, 2008 at 1:21 AM, Andrew Morton <> wrote:
> And fadvise(FADV_DONTNEED) is just that: "I won't be using that data
> again". Implementing specific writeback behaviour underneath that hint
> is unobvious and a bit weird. It's a bit of a fluke that it does
> writeout at all!
> We have much more flexibility with sync_file_range(), and it is more
> explicit.

So in the new world, an application should call sync_file_range
(solving my problem by including metadata) to initiate writeout, and
then call posix_fadvise(DONTNEED) to drop the pages from page cache?
I think this would work for me.

> That being said, I don't understand why the IO scheduling problems
> which you're seeing are occurring. There is code in fs/mpage.c
> specifically to handle this case (search for "write_boundary_block").
> It will spot that 4k indirect block in the middle of two 4MB data
> blocks and will schedule it for writeout at the right time.
> So why isn't that working?

Very good question, I'll look into why it's not helping here.


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