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SubjectRe: Metadata in sys_sync_file_range and fadvise(DONTNEED)
On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 5:07 PM, Andrew Morton <> wrote:
> On Wed, 5 Nov 2008 16:56:54 -0800
> Chad Talbott <> wrote:
>> So in the new world, an application should call sync_file_range
>> (solving my problem by including metadata) to initiate writeout, and
>> then call posix_fadvise(DONTNEED) to drop the pages from page cache?
>> I think this would work for me.
> That would work.
> Although Nick is threatening to make
> sync_file_range(SYNC_FILE_RANGE_WRITE) all slow by using WB_SYNC_ALL,
> probably unnecessarily, ho hum.

Boo! That will drive users (me at least) running back to
posix_fadvise(DONTNEED) for the non-blocking-writeback-inducing side


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