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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Typo in x86 apic.c with DIVISOR setup

    * Cyrill Gorcunov <> wrote:

    > Ah, it was CONFG who is guilty :) This is true indeed, thanks!


    > But here is not the same
    > apic_write(APIC_TDCR,
    > (tmp_value & ~(APIC_TDR_DIV_1 | APIC_TDR_DIV_TMBASE)) |
    > - APIC_TDR_DIV_16);
    > + APIC_TDR_DIV);
    > On x86_64 it will be 1 now but we've used 16 for a long time in
    > purpose to slowdown processor's bus CLKs from APIC point of view. So I
    > don't think it's good idea to change it now. If we start using divisor
    > 1 today -- it would work for some time 'till processor bus raised to
    > the some speed when we'll get counter underflow before calibration
    > finished.
    > So could you please split the patch into two:
    > 1) Plain CONFG typo fix (which is completely Ack'ed)
    > 2) APIC divisor patch (which I'm not sure if we've to touch)

    okay, since we typoed that CONFG thing (sidenote: we really need a
    .config flag that will start a grep that fails the build if there's a
    non-existent CONFIG option anywhere in the tree), we basically tested
    the divisor of 16 on a wide range of boxes.

    So .. how about just standardizing on the divisor of 16 on both 32-bit
    and 64-bit?


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