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    Subject[PATCH 0/11] fix 25 section mismatch warnings..
    The following set of patches fixes 25 Section mismatch warnings
    in following directories:


    When build individually they are now clean.

    The shortlog:

    Sam Ravnborg (11):
    pci: fix section mismatch warnings referring to pci_do_scan_bus
    pci: fix 4x section mismatch warnings
    cpu: fix section mismatch warnings for enable_nonboot_cpus
    cpu: fix section mismatch related to cpu_chain
    cpu: do not annotate exported register_cpu_notifier()
    cpu: silence section mismatch warnings for hotcpu notifies
    mm: fix section mismatch warning in sparse.c
    x86: fix section mismatch warning in acpi/boot.c
    x86: silence section mismatch warning in smpboot_64.c
    x86: fix section mismatch warning in kernel/pci-calgary
    x86: fix section mismatch warnings when referencing notifiers

    With these patches applied I have a clean build of arch/x86/
    with an allyesconfig.

    I expect Greg to pick up the pci patches - but as they conflict with
    patches recently posted by Adrian a qualified selection should be made.

    The cpu patches are cc:ed to Gautham R Shenoy but I think they
    need to go in via Andrew.
    The mm patch are cc:ed the Mel, Christoph and Andy but I think this one
    should also go in via Andrew.

    The x86 patches are cc:ed to the x86 gang and should all go in via the x86 tree.

    I would like some extra review of the following patches:
    -> The pci patches
    -> x86: silence section mismatch warning in smpboot_64.c

    The others are more strightforward but please eye ball them too.

    For my allyesconfig build I still has 116 warnings - but this is without
    Adrian's patches applied.
    Of these 8 happens only when running the final check on vmlinux.o which
    is due to references between the sub directories (kernel/ <-> arch/x86/kernel/)

    Patches follows unnumbered as they are independent of each other.


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