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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC #2] hwrng: Add type categories

> Instead of papering over the problem with borked solutions, maybe we should
> just export ALL HRNGs to userspace. While at it, please add whatever is
> needed so that userspace can talk to the kernel driver to get vital
> information about the HRNG device the driver might have (the current
> interface is a bad simplistic hack).
> Let userspace get the data from whichever HRNG it wants, process it in any
> way it wants and pipe it back through /dev/random IOCTLs. And let it do it
> for as many HRNGs it wants at the same time.

Hmm.... xor all available HRNGs together? That way you have random
data if you have at least one goot HRNG in your system :-).
(cesky, pictures)
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