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    SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC #2] hwrng: Add type categories
    On Wednesday 27 June 2007 15:05:33 Michael Buesch wrote:
    > On Wednesday 27 June 2007 04:48:56 Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
    > > (a) is just broken, unless one is to take it as "never use it". And I am
    > > really not sure about (b). It *is* better than just using whatever crap we
    > > found first (or last), but it is the wrong solution for a problem that we
    > > really should not have in the first place if someone had thought a bit
    > > before adding a misc device for something that has no reason to be unique in
    > > a system.
    > Well, we have that userspace ABI of one hwrng char device. I did not
    > invent that. It's kind of broken, yes.
    > And changing it in a compatible way is probably difficult.
    > > Instead of papering over the problem with borked solutions, maybe we should
    > > just export ALL HRNGs to userspace. While at it, please add whatever is
    > And then we would _still_ export some kind of hint for rngd that
    > the CPU rng device should be preferred over the bcm43xx device.
    > rngd needs some basic hint about the devices.
    > How would you implement that? (We're back to my TYPE_XXX definitions ;) )
    > > needed so that userspace can talk to the kernel driver to get vital
    > > information about the HRNG device the driver might have (the current
    > > interface is a bad simplistic hack).
    > What is "vital information"? My TYPE_XXX categories? ;)
    > > Let userspace get the data from whichever HRNG it wants, process it in any
    > It _can_. We can switch the RNG in sysfs. So userspace _can_ get data
    > from whichever HWRNG it wants.
    > > way it wants and pipe it back through /dev/random IOCTLs. And let it do it
    > > for as many HRNGs it wants at the same time.
    > That's an improvement, yes.
    > > And if you must have /dev/hw_random point somewhere, let udev scripts or
    > > something else like that take care of it.
    > Could do that, yes.

    Oh, and eh, if we _are_ really going to redesign the userspace interface
    to show each RNG to userspace, we should merge my TYPE_XXX patch before
    that nevertheless, as it fixes (works around) a real bug (IMO).

    Greetings Michael.
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