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SubjectLinux Kernel cfs scheduler and xorg kbd
Hi all,

first of all i am not sure if its scheduler issue. But i didn't found
anything about that in google related to something else.

So i tried kernel with new cfs scheduler v19.1 from Ingo page.
Previous i used 2.6.22-ck1.

After 24 hours running i get strange behavior in Xorg. It act slower
with my special keys, like SHIFT, or CTRL. So if i hold SHIFT and press
")" and than will press enter, i release SHIIFT and press ENTER it
doesn't create new line. Even if i start write a Sentence or word with
"SHIFTed" char it makes next char in high case also.
Like this: "HAllo" even if i type "Hallo".

It's extremely unusable.

It doesn't happen if i am on other kernel.

I am ready to provide any requested information to find issue.
If its not kernel related thing - i am very sorry, i just don't know
where to start to trace whats wrong.

I am on gentoo and use latest xorg server. Keyboard driver is "KBD".
Mouse use "evdev" driver.

Teresa Kalitowska

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