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SubjectRe: [PATCH] update to version 0.08

On Jul 25 2007 02:22, Paul Mundt wrote:
>Perhaps CodingStyle can start being versioned, so people can opt out of
>certain 'improvements' whenever someone has a vision, much like some
>nameless licenses.

I'd say Codingstyle is versioned by means of git commit IDs.

>Personally I prefer the second style, and if there's a comment block,
>then it makes sense to complete the tree with {}'s (the keyword here is
>prefer, as it's a personal preference). checkpatch has been quite useful
>for catching obviously broken things, and now it seems like it's just
>overreaching. Perhaps this functionality can be split in to a lite
>checkpatch for catching show-stoppers for application and then something
>more akin to a CodingStyle validator for the folks interested in
>arbitrarily defining convention, which they can use freely while the rest
>of us try to get something useful done.

/me thinks of ... checkpath --check-me-harder

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