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    SubjectRe: 4Gb ram not showing up

    On Jun 7 2007 02:48, Satyam Sharma wrote:
    > On 6/6/07, Lennart Sorensen <> wrote:
    >> [...]
    >> A better description would be:
    >> "Select this if you have a 32-bit processor and memory mapped in the 1GB
    >> to 4GB address range."
    >> [...]
    >> That one would be better as:
    >> "Select this if you have a 32-bit processor and ram mapped in the address
    >> range above 4GB."
    > Ugh, no! How can we expect the user compiling a kernel to be *so*
    > familiar with address space re-mapping / BIOSen (_his_ particular
    > BIOS, specifically, and what / how it re-maps memory) / etc to be
    > able to answer such questions? "Select ... if you have ... RAM
    > installed" is perfectly clear, simple, and all that's needed.

    Then explain it.

    "Select this if you have a 32 bit cpu and ram mapped above 4 G.
    To see where RAM is mapped, interpret the E820 lines from dmesg,
    for more information see Documentation/e820.txt"

    or something like that.

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