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SubjectRe: Userspace compiler support of "long long"
On Thu, Jun 28, 2007 at 08:11:59AM -0400, Kyle Moffett wrote:

> I can't even find the docs for their "tcc". Their "tchk" appears to

tchk is the same thing pretty much with output disabled. There's a HTML
copy of the man page here:

It's packaged for Debian and therefore Ubuntu and other derived

> have a "#pragma longlong type allow" or something, so I'd imagine the
> same exists for tcc and would be required to build stuff using kernel
> headers.

You just need to specify -Ysystem (or some other API selection option)
when building to get it to accept long long. Since TenDRA focuses on
strict standards conformance it defaults to something roughly equivalent
to GCC with -std=c89 -pedantic -Werror and requires the user to
explicitly enable support for any other APIs and features they want to

> On the other hand, their compiler looks so immature that it
> does not appear to be worth spending much time worrying about now.
> When somebody shows up with a solution for that compiler then we can
> look at it at that time.

The compiler is solid enough but old - it predates C99 and has had no
real development since then beyond updating the system include overrides
to work with newer glibc versions.

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