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SubjectRe: usb-scanner-cameras kernel-2.6.22 and udev-095 problem

>> You didn't answer my, "what distro are you using" question. Also, what
package created the udev rule that creates the above symlink?

distro fc6
Linux 2.6.22-rc1-200705170855cfq6-g0479ea0e #134 SMP PREEMPT
Thu May 17 09:13:26 CDT 2007 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux


$ udevtest /class/usb_device/usbdev2.10
main: looking at device '/class/usb_device/usbdev2.10' from subsystem
run_program: '/bin/sh -c 'K=usbdev2.10; K=${K#usbdev}; printf
bus/usb/%03i/%03i ${K%%.*} ${K#*.}''
run_program: '/bin/sh' (stdout) 'bus/usb/002/010'
run_program: '/bin/sh' returned with status 0
udev_rules_get_name: rule applied, 'usbdev2.10' becomes 'bus/usb/002/010'
udev_rules_get_name: add symlink 'scanner-usbdev2.10'
udev_device_event: device '/class/usb_device/usbdev2.10' already in
database, validate currently present symlinks
udev_node_add: creating device node '/dev/bus/usb/002/010', major =
'189', minor = '137', mode = '0644', uid = '0', gid = '0'
udev_node_add: creating symlink '/dev/scanner-usbdev2.10' to 'bus/usb/002/010'
main: run: 'socket:/org/kernel/udev/monitor'
main: run: '/lib/udev/udev_run_devd'
main: run: 'socket:/org/freedesktop/hal/udev_event'
main: run: '/sbin/pam_console_apply /dev/bus/usb/002/010

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