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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.22-rc1
    > >Seriously, it might be a tad more efficient if the help texts were
    > >written by those who invented the options in the first place.
    > menuconfig NETDEV_10000
    > bool "Ethernet (10GbE)"
    > ---help--
    > Say Y here to actually be able to go into this menu
    > and select some drivers that we think belong to the
    > "10 Gigabit Ethernet" family.
    > If unsure, it is unwise to say N!
    > See, this looks so fundamentally basic to me that I find it
    > almost funny. YMMV, hence I asked for suggestions from
    > other people.

    I remember very well the time when I first issued make menuconfig.
    Ever since then I've been grateful for all those "fundamentally basic"
    explanations. And I've learned quite alot about kernelconfig just
    by reading them.

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