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Subject2.6.24-rc4 hwmon it87 probe fails
I finally got around to testing Linux 2.6.24 (2.6.24-rc4) and found
that the it87 driver fails to probe and consequently, my sensors no
longer work. This was fine with Linux (the last kernel I was

The necessary modules load, but:

it87: Found IT8718F chip at 0x290, revision 2
it87: in3 is VCC (+5V)
it87 it87.656: Failed to request region 0x290-0x297
it87: probe of it87.656 failed with error -16

Coretemp still works.

It appears it has something to do with the ioport range being
reserved for some reason:

system 00:01: ioport range 0x290-0x29f has been reserved

At least I don't see that happening on previous kernels.

In any case, the changes to it87.c itself don't appear to have caused
this. (CC'd hwmon maintainer anyways, my apologies if that was



Thanks for any help or suggestions,

Mike Houston

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