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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Force UNIX domain sockets to be built in
On Mon, 31 Dec 2007, David Miller wrote:
> From: Bodo Eggert <>

> > The big question is: Is there any non-embedded system where you have
> > to aim for a small kernel image?
> One some platforms, due to bootloader restrictions or whatever,
> there are hard limits on how large the main kernel image can be.
> On sparc64 for example the limit is around 6.5MB

That would be about the size of a complete rescue system. I don't think we
need to worry about unix sockets there, do we?

> But this "big question" isn't the important issue, in fact it's
> tangental and has no bearing on the final decision we make
> here.
> Rather, choice is, and taking choice away is bad. I may have a reason
> to make AF_UNIX modular, I might not, but either way taking that
> option away from me is not the right thing to do.

_You_'ll still have the option, because you have selected EMBEDDED=y
(otherwise, you'd miss all other valuable options to cripple your kernel),
while the folks that just care for a working systems will have what they'd
select anyway without being bothered with useless questions.
Top 100 things you don't want the sysadmin to say:
5. Just add yourself to the password file and make a directory...

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