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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Force UNIX domain sockets to be built in
On Wed, 2 Jan 2008, Herbert Xu wrote:
> Theodore Tso <> wrote:

> > The question is whether the size of the Unix domain sockets support is
> > worth the complexity of yet another config option that we expose to
> > the user. For the embedded world, OK, maybe they want to save 14k of
> > non-swappable memory. But for the non-embedded world, given the 117k
> > mandatory memory usage of sysfs, or the 124k memory usage of the core
> > networking stack, never mind the 3 megabytes of memory used by objects
> > in the kernel subdirectory, it's not clear that it's worth worrying
> > over 14k of memory, especially when many Unix programs assume
> > that Unix Domain Sockets are present.
> That would make sense if we were proposing to get rid of the CONFIG_UNIX
> question altogether for !CONFIG_EMBEDDED.

Exactly this is what my patch does: The question is not to be displayed
unless EMBEDDED, and the default is changed to y.

> However, the proposal here is
> merely to eliminate the modular option but the CONFIG_UNIX prompt itself
> will remain even without CONFIG_EMBEDDED.
> This I think is quite pointless.

That's what another patch would do. I decided that s/tristate/bool/ is
something completely different from adding the default and hiding the
option, and that I'd avoid this discussion by not eliminating UNIX=m.

Top 100 things you don't want the sysadmin to say:
96. That's SOOOOO bizarre.

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