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SubjectRe: 2.6.24-rc5-mm1 - IPv6 throws section mismatches. wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Dec 2007 02:40:50 PST, Andrew Morton said:
> git-net.patch (I'm guessing one of Daniel's commits, but not sure which one)
> causes some complaints:
> LD vmlinux.o
> MODPOST vmlinux.o
> WARNING: vmlinux.o(.init.text+0x2263f): Section mismatch: reference to .exit.text:tcpv6_exit (between 'inet6_init' and 'ac6_proc_init')
> WARNING: vmlinux.o(.init.text+0x22644): Section mismatch: reference to .exit.text:udplitev6_exit (between 'inet6_init' and 'ac6_proc_init')
> WARNING: vmlinux.o(.init.text+0x22649): Section mismatch: reference to .exit.text:udpv6_exit (between 'inet6_init' and 'ac6_proc_init')
> WARNING: vmlinux.o(.init.text+0x22658): Section mismatch: reference to .exit.text:addrconf_cleanup (between 'inet6_init' and 'ac6_proc_init')
> WARNING: vmlinux.o(.init.text+0x226bc): Section mismatch: reference to .exit.text:rawv6_exit (between 'inet6_init' and 'ac6_proc_init')
> Looks like the problem is that tcpv6_exit and friends are called from
> net/ipv6/af_inet6.c:inet6_init() - which is declared as:
> static int __init inet6_init(void)
> I can see how calling an __exit from an __init would be Bad Juju...

Yep, thanks Valdis for pointing that.

I sent a patch several days ago which fix that to DaveM and he applied
it to the latest net-2.6.25


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