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SubjectRe: 2.6.24-rc5 "videobuf_read_start" [drivers/media/video/videobuf-dvb.ko] undefined!
> Any objections against a later path that changes the exports to the 
> general "immediately after the function" convention?

No objections. Please generate against "devel" branch on my -git, since
I did a patch fixing most CodingStyle issues reported by

Several files under /media still uses the old convention of having such
things at the end of the file.

> It would have avoided at least two such bugs in this file alone since
> 2.6.23...

I'm afraid that this wouldn't avoid this bug, however.

The removal of the EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL seemed to be the intention of
Brandon, since he renamed the function, removing the locks. I think he
didn't noticed that videobuf_dvb were using videobuf_read_start. The
patch I've just send fixes it properly.

Btw, Shane patch reveals a small trouble with EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL: adding
the tag for a non-existing function didn't rise any error. IMO, it
should generate some compilation error, if you try to export a symbol
that doesn't exist at the file that is being compiled.


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