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SubjectRe: patch [0/2]: acpi: add generic removable drive bay support
Ar Iau, 2006-09-07 am 16:13 -0700, ysgrifennodd Kristen Carlson Accardi:
> the exact same event for either insertion or removal (i.e. the Dell M65 for
> example). Same scripts for using these events and udev can be found on the
> thinkwiki website:
> _piix_driver

drivers/ide/piix does not support hotplug of any kind. drivers/ide does
not support hotplug of any kind. There is an ioctl hack that vaguely
works now and then for some interfaces but it too is completely unsafe
in 2.6 except for RHEL4. If people keep trying to post suggestions to
use them for anything but debugging I'm going to have to send Andrew
patches to remove them entirely before more people lose their data.

RHEL4 has a set of locking changes/patches to support some basic hotplug
cases, they were refused upstream so upstream simply doesn't support it.


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