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SubjectRe: uswsusp history lesson [was Re: [Suspend2-devel] Re: swsusp / suspend2 reliability]

> > > > It's only too slow on swsusp. With Suspend2, I regularly suspend 1GB
> > > > images on both my desktop and laptop machines. I agree that it might be
> > > > slower on a
> >
> > uswsusp is as fast as suspend2. It does same LZF compression.
> I agree for uncompressed images - I tried timing the writing of the image
> yesterday. I'm not sure about LZF though, because I couldn't get it to
> resume. I'd be interested to see it really be as fast as suspend2 with
> compression.

Is there any way to help you? I assume normal swsusp resumes okay so
it is not driver problem?

> > Do you think you could get some repeatable benchmark for Rafael? He
> > worked quite hard on feature only to find out it makes little difference...
> Sure, but it will mean more if all of the tests are run on the same system, so
> I'll have another go at getting uswsusp to resume, when I get the chance.

(cesky, pictures)
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