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SubjectRe: 2.6.17-rc6-mm1
On Wed, 7 Jun 2006 10:47:24 -0700, Andrew Morton <> wrote:

> - Many more lockdep updates

One missing ;)

[ BUG: illegal lock usage! ]
illegal {in-hardirq-W} -> {hardirq-on-W} usage.
idle/0 [HC0[0]:SC1[1]:HE1:SE0] takes:
(&list->lock){++..}, at: [<c02f194f>] packet_rcv+0x1b1/0x2fe
{in-hardirq-W} state was registered at:
[<c0134b9b>] lock_acquire+0x54/0x6a
[<c02f5447>] _spin_lock_irqsave+0x3f/0x4f
[<c02a5249>] skb_dequeue+0x12/0x50
[<f88349d3>] hpsb_bus_reset+0x62/0xa6 [ieee1394]
[<f884fd96>] ohci_irq_handler+0x82f/0x995 [ohci1394]
[<c013de72>] handle_IRQ_event+0x2e/0x63
[<c013efb3>] handle_fasteoi_irq+0x6b/0xac
[<c0104dd7>] do_IRQ+0x6c/0xa5
irq event stamp: 547564
hardirqs last enabled at (547564): [<c015c4cc>] kmem_cache_alloc+0x56/0x67
hardirqs last disabled at (547563): [<c015c488>] kmem_cache_alloc+0x12/0x67
softirqs last enabled at (547552): [<c011fdd4>] __do_softirq+0xe6/0xf7
softirqs last disabled at (547557): [<c0104cfc>] do_softirq+0x5a/0xc9

other info that might help us debug this:
no locks held by idle/0.

stack backtrace:
[<c01034ba>] show_trace+0x12/0x14
[<c0103b9f>] dump_stack+0x19/0x1b
[<c0132ad0>] print_usage_bug+0x20b/0x215
[<c01333c9>] mark_lock+0x450/0x5bd
[<c0133e56>] __lock_acquire+0x1ca/0xbee
[<c0134b9b>] lock_acquire+0x54/0x6a
[<c02f56de>] _spin_lock+0x36/0x43
[<c02f194f>] packet_rcv+0x1b1/0x2fe
[<c02aa61d>] netif_receive_skb+0x185/0x2bc
[<c02ac01c>] process_backlog+0x9d/0x14d
[<c02ac1eb>] net_rx_action+0xd2/0x281
[<c011fd72>] __do_softirq+0x84/0xf7
[<c0104cfc>] do_softirq+0x5a/0xc9
[<c011fe30>] irq_exit+0x4b/0x4d
[<c0104dde>] do_IRQ+0x73/0xa5
[<c0102ec1>] common_interrupt+0x25/0x2c
[<c010164e>] cpu_idle+0x63/0x80
[<c0100598>] rest_init+0x33/0x3b
[<c03dc7af>] start_kernel+0x339/0x3aa
[<c0100210>] 0xc0100210

J.A. Magallon <jamagallon()ono!com> \ Software is like sex:
\ It's better when it's free
Mandriva Linux release 2007.0 (Cooker) for i586
Linux 2.6.16-jam20 (gcc 4.1.1 20060518 (prerelease)) #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed
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