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Subject2.6.17: Contradictory text in KConfig for LSF?
Cheers on another great new release!

I'm a bit confused about the new KConfig text for LSF. From make oldconfig:

"Say Y here if you want to be able to handle very large files (bigger
than 2TB), otherwise say N.

If unsure, say Y.

Support for Large Single Files (LSF) [N/y/?]"

We've got Say Y here if [condition unlikely in standard environments],
otherwise say N. Then on the next line it says if unsure, say Y. Then we
have the default in make oldconfig set to N! So we say to enable in a
certain (rare?) situation, otherwise disable, however if you don't
understand the text above enable, or accept the default to disable. I feel
like I'm running in circles...

Long story short, shouldn't it be if unsure, say N? Or otherwise default to

Matt LaPlante

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