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SubjectRe: Using netconsole for debugging suspend/resume
On Tuesday 13 June 2006 06:49, David Miller wrote:
> From: Andi Kleen <>
> Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 05:47:49 +0200
> > I've been playing with the idea of writing "early1394" that just
> > turns the DMA controller on as early as possible similar to earlyprintk
> > on the target. Then it would be possible to use it for early
> > debugging too. But so far it's not done yet.
> Does this raw1394 thing with firescope just assume DMA address ==
> physical address?


> How would it work to access all of physical
> memory properly on IOMMU platforms?

It assumes you don't have an IOMMU - relies on all memory
being accessible by ohci1394. On x86-64 it can't access > 4GB
also, but that's normally ok because the kernel log buffer
is below that.

I guess if you use 1394 with remote DMA for other protocols (like
video etc.) there must be some way for the subsystem to map
the memory even on IOMMU systems. I admit I haven't dived that
deeply into the 1394 subsystem so I don't know how that works.


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