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SubjectUsing netconsole for debugging suspend/resume
I've been trying to get suspend/resume working well on my new laptop.  
In general, netconsole has been pretty useful for extracting oopses and
other messages, but it is of more limited help in debugging the actual
suspend/resume cycle. The problem looks like the e1000 driver won't
suspend while netconsole is using it, so I have to rmmod/modprobe
netconsole around the actual suspend/resume.

This is a big problem during resume because the screen is also blank, so
I get no useful clue as to what went wrong when things go wrong. I'm
wondering if there's some way to keep netconsole alive to the last
possible moment during suspend, and re-woken as soon as possible during
resume. It would be nice to have a clean solution, but I'm willing to
use a bletcherous hack if that's what it takes.

Any ideas?


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