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SubjectRe: Page Allocation Failure, Why?? Bug in kernel??
Abu M. Muttalib wrote:
> Hi,


> I tried to run an application, try-sound.c. In the course of the run of the
> application I repeatedly got page allocation failure, despite the fact that
> enough pages are free. Why this is so, is it a bug in mm subsystem of Linux
> kernel 2.6.13?
> Any pointer to help understand this behavior will be highly appreciated.

If you're expecting kernel developers to unpack your text file and read
through 40555(!!!) lines of text to find out what's wrong...

Please try to explain your problem better with some before / after
comparisons that fit nicely into an email and point out specifically
where you think it went wrong. Also describe what you're trying to do
and what kind of hardware you're using.

For more detailed information on how to report kernel bugs, please read
the file REPORTING-BUGS in the main kernel source directory.

Please don't see this as a "we don't care" message. If the kernel has
indeed a bug we very much do care! We just can't go through thousands of
lines of text to try to understand what the problem is... :(

Paulo Marques -

Pointy-Haired Boss: I don't see anything that could stand in our way.
Dilbert: Sanity? Reality? The laws of physics?
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