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    SubjectRe: Page Allocation Failure, Why?? Bug in kernel??
    Abu M. Muttalib wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I am sorry to cause inconvenience. To put the doubts concisely, I am doing
    > the following:
    > I am removing the sound driver (shipped with kernel 2.6.13) and then
    > inserting the same. This all I am doing inside an infinite loop. Before this
    > I have reserved and used (setting the same with memset) some 900 pages to
    > simulate an application environment. I am running this application on Linux
    > 2.6.13 on an ARM based target. During the course of the run I get the
    > following page allocation error:
    > ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
    > ---------------------------------------------------------------insmod: page
    > allocation failure. order:5, mode:0xd0

    Order 5 allocations will never work reliably, except possibly at boot.
    We don't have 32 contig pages to give you - fragmentation.

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