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SubjectRe: [openib-general] Re: [PATCH 53 of 53] ipath - add memory barrier when waiting for writes
    ralphc> We had a power failure here so I'm not able to reproduce
ralphc> the assembly code at the moment. What I remember from
ralphc> looking at the code is that the code for
ralphc> ipath_read_kreg32() was present in i2c_wait_for_writes()
ralphc> when compiled -Os so it didn't look like a compiler bug.
ralphc> I probably could put the mb() at the end of i2c_gpio_set()
ralphc> if that makes you more comfortable. The mb() is
ralphc> definitely needed though.

Is it the mb()? Or is just a barrier() enough? In other words do you
really need the mfence, or do you just need to stop the compiler from
reordering things?

- R.
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